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Hi, my name is Kim Leader. I am an ethical, experienced Hypnotherapist and NHS Trained CBT Therapist trained Cognitive Behavioural Therapist working in Brighton and Hove.

If you are reading this then you have probably been experiencing a problem that you’ve already tried to change but despite best efforts, you’ve not quite managed to get the results you would like.

This can be tough. It takes a lot to admit that you might need some support let alone begin searching for someone that can help, so well done for making it this far!

I’m sure you’ll want to find someone who is experienced, who can understand your concerns and truly cares. These things are important because they are vital for the therapy to be effective.

There are lots of reasons why making contact with me is a good idea. Please read through my About Me page to find out more or my Testimonials to see what others think.

I specialise in addictions, depression and anxiety based issues which has been independently verified based on my specific training and experience through my registering body.

Call me for a free telephone consultation on 07949 989986 to see how I can help. Alternatively drop me an email on info@possie.co.uk.

Award winning Hypnotherapist last four years running.

Best Hypnotherapy in BrightonBest Hypnotherapy in Brighton
Best Hypnotherapy in BrightonBest Hypnotherapy in Brighton

Now, if you’re still reading then you are likely to have an interest in what Hypnotherapy can do for you and the kind of results that you can gain by seeing a Hypnotherapist.

Maybe you would like to change certain behaviour patterns that are detrimental in your life.

Perhaps you experience difficulties with particular thought processes that get you down, or emotions which you're struggling with.

It could be that you are overwhelmed by physical feelings and sensations, or that you’re dealing with the impact of a situational issue that you just can’t seem to get past.

Hypnotherapy can help with all of these things including developing Confidence, Assertiveness, overcoming Addictions, beating Anxiety, Stress and Depression. It is effective with IBS, Pain management and performance. I have helped people with relationship issues, unusual problems and much more, but check out the tabs at the side if you'd like to read more about specifically what has been bothering you.

It is my commitment and intention to help you achieve your goals quickly, simply and effectively.

Call me for a free telephone consultation on 07949 989986 to see how I can help. Alternatively drop me an email on info@possie.co.uk.

General Hypnotherapy Register

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General Hypnotherapy Registered Hypnotherapist, Brighton


Member of the BABCP; the largest validating body for Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
(awaiting accreditation).

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, CBT, Brighton

Hypnotherapy Supervision

GHR Acknowledged Supervisor

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Freedom to be you

GAY friendly therapist

All welcome

Make the most of this website

Information about the main problem

Under the "Treatment For" tab on the top right of this website you will find a list of common issues I help people to overcome. Click on the link that best fits the issues you may be facing


Fill out the Self-Assessment form to gain a clearer idea of your concerns and how they affect you. This will be helpful when you speak with someone about your problems but also be an excellent gauge to see how far you’ve come at the end of treatment.

Self Assessment

Self Help Guides

Under the "Resources" tab there are a fairly large series of self help guides to help you to help yourself. Some of them are particularly good and if your needs are not so great they may be just what you need to understand and move forwards with some of the problems you may be experiencing.

Self Help Guides


Also under the Resources tab, if you are a therapist or working with a therapist, you can find a selection of worksheets which can aid the therapeuatic process.


Hypnosis Downloads

Here you can find the largest producer in the world for Hynosis Downloads. Whatever has been bugging you; you;ll probably find something designed specifically to help overcome it here.

Hypnosis Downloads

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"Kim is highly empathetic, a fantastic hypnotherapist and very professional."
Emily O'Hare, Brighton (19/01/09)*

"Kim helped me realise my own worth as a person, and I very quickly realised his worth as a therapist."
SG, Lewes, 27/07/16*

"I have experienced my fair share of Doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, healers etc. None have been as life changing as Kim."
RG, Brighton, 22/07/16*

"It’s made me feel like there is not something wrong with me as a person"
Anonymous, 02/06/16*

" I came to him feeling insecure, anxious and lost within myself, and left feeling a lot more self assured. I found that I did have worth after all."
Rose, Brighton*

"I stopped drinking after the first session. I feel a lot less anxious and my kids have got a nicer, more patient mum."
Jo, Brighton*

"I am pretty astonished at how quickly change is possible."
Caroline Banfield, Blood Phobia, Brighton*

"I am now sure what I want to achieve in my life and how to get there, it comes easy to me and feels great!"
Recha Gries, Events Co-ordinator and Wedding Consultant (17/02/10)*

"Thank you - you helped me find my inner strength"
Anonymous, Journalist, (19/08/10)*

"I have found Kim’s ideas inspiring and thought provoking."
Luci Hammond, Brighton*

"Kim's energy and creativity has a way of inspiring people"
Veronica Wiseman*

Possibilities Unlimited Hypnotherapy

Therapy Room: 9 Bartholomews, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1HG

Email: info@possie.co.uk

Mobile: 07949989986


*Results will vary from person to person