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Below you will find some resources that are useful for testing out beliefs and predictions.

We often play 'movies' in our minds about the future in which we play the starring role. Unfortunately these scenes may all too often be part of a disaster film, where it all ends badly.

For example, we may imagine failing a driving test, people judging what we might say or do, a presentation in which we go blank and embarrass ourselves in front of colleagues.  Now these imaginations are not necessarily true, and rarely actually tend to happen. However, that doesn't stop us from keep running them over, again and again.

Behavioural Experiments are a way of testing out to see what actually happens in relation to our fears, beliefs and predictions so that we can learn and update the belief to see whether it is accurate. They help give a more balanced way of thinking about things.

You will find an instructional manual in the table below to use the resources shared here

Behavioural Experiments

Behavioural Experiments Instructions
Behavioural Experiments

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