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This advanced level training is comprised of the kinds of things that you DON'T get to learn on your average Drugs Awareness or Addictions training.


Often times when people engage in behaviours that seem to happen on 'autopilot' then there is an aspect of trance that tends to occur. You may hear clients saying things like "I just found myself at my dealers house and before I knew it I had scored" for example.


You will discover the importance that trance plays in addictive behaviour patterns, how to recognise them and how to interrupt these patterns.


You will also distinguish how drugs become ‘anchors’ for mental and emotional states, even if they are no longer fulfilling the kind of associations that they used to.  


Understanding this will give you far greater depth with which to help clients transform these associations so that the drug no longer holds the same magnetism that it once did.


Many basic trainings offer active listening skills which are a great thing to be able utilise at times, but are only a small part of communication that can in fact be detrimental to a clients’ progression. Simply listening to a client in the hope that they will change rarely works.


This is because the counsellor is concentrating on the content (what the person is doing) rather than the process (how the person is doing it).


When you can elicit how they are doing the addiction you can start to work with how they can do something different. This means that you will learn how to work with any Addiction, regardless of whether it is food, drugs, power or compulsive behaviours.


In this innovative training you will learn:



If this training is something, you or your organisation would find beneficial, then please feel free to call me on 07949 989986 to book your training now.



Duration: 1 day

Time: 10 – 4.30pm

Cost: £500 per day

Maximum Participants: 12

Any additional participants will be charged at £50 per head



My resume includes working as:


* Addictions Specialist Hypnotherapist
* Drug and Alcohol Counsellor
* Project Manager of a Drug Education Service
* Freelance Trainer to professionals in the field of Substance Misuse
* Substance Misuse Lecturer at College and University
* NVQ Assessor ensuring Drug and Alcohol Professionals meet the required standard of work
* Substance Misuse Project Worker
* Young Persons Substance Misuse Specialist


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Results may vary from person to person.

"I no longer have the Friday feeling and that after ten years of cocaine addiction, one session was enough. I feel absolutely brilliant... my life has improved substantially, I am starting a Law Degree soon thanks to you, something which I would never have previously considered because of my addiction and the restrictions I had placed on myself through cocaine use. I cannot thank you enough."

Simon, Student, Brighton (14/09/09)


"As a working colleague of Kim's, he is also open to introducing and sharing new ways of working, resulting in a fresh, insightful and often playful space in which to work. "

Veronica Wiseman - Momentum Training & Consultancy (22/09/08) 

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